South Eighty Subdivision Joins LCWSD

We would like to welcome the South Eighty Subdivision to the District.  Located north of Somers Bay and south of Best View Estates, the South Eighty Subdivision consists of 26 residences with a potential for growth to 49.  The water system consists of one water supply well, eight (8) hydropneumatic storage tanks in an underground vault, and a distribution system.

The South eighty homeowners were experiencing problems with water pressure and contamination.   LCWSD was able to offer a long term approach to solving their water system issues as well as providing an attractive funding option.  As with other water systems, a subdistrict within the LCWSD was created for the purpose of funding the necessary upgrades and maintenance using a special assessment that will be levied on those individual properties over a period of ten years.

Upgrades and improvements to the water system include a pumphouse, storage reservoir, a second well, pressure reducing valve (PRV), and all piping and electrical circuity to meet current DEQ requirements.

We are happy to have the South Eighty subdivision become a part of our District as the addition of more users helps to defray the ever increasing costs of maintaining the water systems.

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