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History of the Water System

The Lakeside County Water & Sewer District (LCWSD) currently operates and maintains three water systems – the Lakeside System, Troutbeck Rise/Lakeside Estate System, and Cherry View System. 

The Lakeside Water System was acquired from Bill Brass in 1997. It consists of a 200,000-gallon steel storage reservoir and three water wells. It services approximately 293 units.

The TB/LE Water System, originally called the Troutbeck Rise Water System, was privately owned until December 2002 when the LCWSD assumed ownership and operation of the system. About that same time the system was expanded to include the Lakeside Estates Subdivision.  An old redwood water storage tank was replaced with a new 120,000-gallon steel tank.  The system is served by two water wells located in Troutbeck Rise and Lakeside Estates, respectively. In 2006 the Spurwing Development was added to the system.  As of 2014 this system services 92 connections.

The Cherry Hill and Mission View water systems were acquired in 2010 and 2011, respectively. On January 10, 2014 the two systems were combined to form the Cherry View Water System.  This water system consists of one 176,000-gallon storage tank, four wells, a storage reservoir, and pump houses.  This system provides water service to approximately 155 units.

We strive to maintain a high level of protection and efficiency with these water systems. Of high priority was to add water meters to all residents for two reasons: 1) to track usage for billing purposes; and 2) to monitor our system for leaks. Also in 2006 we added a radio read system to the meters with the capability to detect leaks or high use situations and to reduce meter reading time by two-thirds.

In 2009 we installed sensors in all wells so we can monitor them on a daily basis. We hired a hydrologist to perform and monitor a drawdown pump test of our largest well for 72 hours. This test provided very valuable data that revealed a very solid performing aquifer with plenty of good clean water. We have now had ten consecutive years of monthly, bacteria-free tests to back that up.

We hope you will continue to enjoy a clean glass of water on us!