A Celebration of Success

The Montana Rural Water Association recently named Rodney Olson the 2018 Manager of the Year at their annual conference in February. The following comes from their presentation of the award.

“This year’s awardee is a manager by name, but a leader by example.  As one who oversees the operations, our awardee is also someone who works among his employees – striving for staff to work with him, not just for him.  This manager’s well-organized style is always open to ideas from staff and board members.

Our recipient has continued to be involved with the steady growth of the community and as manager, has continued a progressive outlook for the future of the utility. Ensuring a connection with the community’s extensive customers, he provides an outreach of water system information through various communication methods including the utility’s website and on-site presentations for customers and youth groups.

Using a keen sense to manage operation and maintenance of an extensive system, tackling expansion challenges, maintaining regulation compliance and ensuring system operators are up to date with training and certification, are just some of the ingredients that he has assisted with to put the utility ahead of the game.

The 2018 Manager of the Year is awarded to Rodney Olson, with the Lakeside County Water & Sewer District.”