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Our Commitment

We Commit To

Actively taking a role as one of the leaders in the community and the industry.

– Thoughtful, adaptive, and effective planning for the future.

– Recruiting, training, and retaining qualified employees.

– Ongoing, honest, open communication with our customers.

– Stewardship of the region’s natural resources and the environment.

– Equitable distribution of operation and maintenance costs among all system users.

– Operating the systems in an efficient and financially responsible manner.

– Equitable distribution of system expansion costs among new properties annexing into the District.

As a Public Service Organization We Will

Maintain public trust.

– Conduct all business responsibly with integrity and professionalism.

– Preserve and represent our customer’s interest in local and regional decision-making.

We Believe Our Customers Have the Right To

Excellent service at reasonable rates.

– Potable drinking water.

– Safe, reliable wastewater services.

– Effective, reliable service.